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Condition Monitoring sensors for vibration, shock, and temperature monitoring, MPB - SICK

The Multi Physics Box Condition Monitoring sensor allows for continuous condition-based monitoring of, for example, motors, pumps, conveyor systems or fans. It measures vibrations, shocks, and temperature, thereby providing indications of potential faults and machine failures.
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If the measured values exceed the individually configurable thresholds, an alert is output. For vibration values, the vibration monitoring thresholds for machines according to ISO 10816-3 can be implemented via a multi-stage alert. The sensor can be integrated into the machine or system via IO-Link or a simple alarm-based switching signal. Whether on-site or in conjunction with a Cloud Service: The Multi Physics Box creates a data foundation that can be used to avoid unplanned downtime and effectively lower costs.

  • 3-axis vibration (±8 g) and shock detection (up to 200 g) via MEMS elements;
  • Contact temperature measurement −40 ... +80 °C;
  • Configurable thresholds;
  • Vibration monitoring in time and frequency range;
  • Vibration limit values according to ISO 10816-3;
  • Compact stainless-steel housing up to IP68.
  • More transparency and shorter downtimes.
  • Continuous monitoring of motors, fans, and pumps;
  • Detection of status changes on components.
  • Detection of vibration, temperature, and shock on machines with rotating components.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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