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Gas leak detector – Snooper mini - Sewerin

The SNOOPER mini is a robust gas leak detector and is suitable for checking accessible gas lines for external leak tightness. Leaks are determined based on detection at connection points, e.g. fittings, flanges, threaded connections and gas regulator fittings. The gas concentration is displayed in the ppm range. House lead-ins and concealed gas lines in enclosed spaces at air outlets can also be checked.

SEWERIN's SNOOPER mini is a sturdy gas leak detector for inspecting accessible gas lines. Overall, gas leak detectors have a decisive advantage over the leak detection sprays that are still commonly used, in that they not only indicate the presence of a leak, but also the concentration at the leak site.
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Furthermore, when inspecting older internal home installations, using a gas leak detector is more effective: with leak detection spray there is a risk that the leak site may be accidentally sealed when the hemp sealant becomes wet and thus missed. The damaged spot reliably detected using a gas leak detector is permanently eliminated following repair.

The SNOOPER mini is available with sensors for methane and propane and the SNOOPER mini model also features a hydrogen sensor, which increases the versatility of the SNOOPER mini.

The SNOOPER mini can easily detect leaks in water pipes and can be used to test for leaks in pipes, valves and other industrial products with the tracer gas technique.
The following models are available:

SNOOPER mini with methane, propane or hydrogen sensor: flexible swan neck (length 22 cm) and,
SNOOPER mini hand probe with methane sensor: hand probe (spiral cord, handle, flexible swan neck).


Two device versions: 
  • SNOOPER mini > with flexible swan neck (length: 22 cm);
  • SNOOPER mini H > with hand sensor (spiral cord, handle, flexible swan neck);
  • Devices available for methane, propane and hydrogen;
  • Replaceable sensor filter;
  • Very fast start-up time;
  • Audible signal: concentration-dependent and deactivation option;
  • LCD display illuminated during operation;
  • High performance, low price.

  • High accuracy even in the most difficult locations;
  • Acoustic and numerical (ppm) measurement;
  • High performance and low cost. 

  • Gas and water industry – Distribution, inspection and services.

F.Fonseca is distributor of Sewerin in Portugal.
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