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Driver assistance systems Backup Assistance System - SICK

The Backup Assistance System (BAS) from SICK minimizes the risk of collisions for manned forklift trucks. It monitors areas of the vehicle which are obstructed from view of the driver.

The BAS gives real-time feedback via visual and audible warnings when the forklift truck comes near a stationary or moving object. The compact system is based on a TiM3xx 2D LiDAR sensor that is engaged only when the forklift truck is in reverse, thereby eliminating false alarms when moving forward. The monitored area can be scaled up by adding an additional sensor.
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  • System is activated when reverse is engaged;
  • Three-stage warning concept with tri-color visual and configurable audible levels up to 98 dB;
  • Two customizable alert zones per sensor;
  • Monitored areas scalable with a second TiM3xx LiDAR sensor;
  • Control unit provides the necessary logic for the sensors and regulates its voltage supply.
  • Supports the driver when reversing while not distracting the driver when moving forward;
  • Actively warns the driver with visual and audible warning signals;
  • Detects stationary and moving objects – no additional costly equipment required;
  • Compact standalone system for easy integration and mounting;
  • Cost-efficient solution for retrofitting on a large fleet of vehicles regardless of its voltage;
  • Low power consumption minimizes the drain on the vehicle batter.
  • Logistics.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal. 
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