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Industrial Automation

Field wireable - Murrelektronik

Murrelektronik is a world wide leader in the development and manufacturing of connectivity solutions and includes a broad range of connectivity options.
Murrelektronik has the right selection for your applications.
In the field of sensor/actuator connectivity and field bus, Murrelektronik offers you an extremely wide range of field wireable connection metrics (7/8”, M8, M12, M23, RJ45, etc.) and types (IDC, screw terminals, solder pines). The standard M8/M12 round plugs are quick and reliable to fit with a torque wrench. Valve plugs from Murrelektronik are designed for all types of valves. They are fitted with captive seals and have an integrated LED and protection circuit.
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In the field of M12 connections, Murrelektronik offers the MQ12 - a unique quick-lock system that fits any standard sensor.
The M12 Steel is a plug connector that meets the extremely high demands in the food industry.
  • Standardized connections: 7/8”, M8, M12, M23, RJ45;
  • 3 connection types: IDC, screw terminals, solder pines;
  • Certified, application proven, and successfully tested with many aggressive media types.
  • Easy manual connection via coupling nut;
  • Bolting with dynamometric screw driver via hexagonal nut;
  • Optical indication of a secure connection.
  • All industries.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Murrelektronik in Portugal.
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