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Fixed gas analysers SICK MAC / GMS 800 - SICK

Modular fully configurable system for extractive gas analysis.

The innovative system SICK MAC / GMS 800 is a modular fully configurable system that meets the European Standards EN 15267 and EN 14181 for emission monitoring.

The SICK MAC / GMS 800 versions provide monitoring to meet current directives as well as future requirements, for example emission monitoring in plants with lignite and hard coal firing, gas firing, gas turbines as well as measurement of greenhouse gases.
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Are you looking for the perfect technical solution to meet your measuring task? Does the solution meet the economic and technical requirements of the application? SICK offers the extractive fully configurable system SICK MAC / GMS 800 with standard subassemblies and components exactly for this purpose.

Its design allows an optimized configuration tailored to individual requirements. Retrofits with analyzer modules as well as with gas processing devices are easy and cost efficient. 

  • Worldwide first cold-extractive analyzing system certified according to EN 15267-3;
  • Plug&play analyzer modules with 24 V DC power supply;
  • Central unit for displaying all measuring values and status information on a touchscreen;
  • Display and control of external sensors is possible;
  • External sensors via interfaces connectable;
  • Remote control of the complete system via Ethernet, Modbus or via additional GPRS modem.

  • Safe investment because of easy alignment to future needs;
  • Easy start up and trouble free on-site approval of AMS (automatic measuring system) by the relevant authorities;
  • Full overview at a glance via touchscreen and integration of remote sensors (p, T, volume flow, dust);
  • Simple service by clear separation of the electrical and the analytical part;
  • High availability through easy and fast change of modules;
  • Ethernet or Modbus connection to networks;
  • Made from the market leader for CEMs to meet the latest legislative.

  • Emission monitoring for coal fired power plants;
  • Emission monitoring for gas fired power plants or combined cycle plants;
  • Emission monitoring for small and medium boilers;
  • Measurement of greenhouse gases.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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