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Fixed gas oxigen analyser IN SITU ZIRKOR100 - SICK

Oxygen measurement made easy!
The ZIRKOR100 gas analyzer from SICK provides robust and reliable oxygen measurement for small combustion plants.
It is characterized by a measurement cell with a long service life and a diagnostic function. This significantly reduces maintenance effort. The ZIRKOR remote app allows you to wirelessly access the analyzer quickly and easily.
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As a result, the simple ZIRKOR100 oxygen measurement relieves the plant operator and frees them up to concentrate on other important tasks.
  • Measurement cell with long service life due to high-quality processing;
  • Measurement cell self-monitoring;
  • Version for high temperatures available;
  • ZIRKOR remote app for remote access to analyzer;
  • Very short response time.
  • High availability due to measurement cell with long service life;
  • Reduction of analyzer failures due to internal self-monitoring;
  • Quick measurement close to the combustion process for timely control;
  • Easy analyzer operation – even remotely.
  • Combustion optimization in small to medium-sized combustion plants;
  • Oxygen monitoring for process control.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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