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In the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) time, we must need to optimize the intervention times optimizing the times on the reaction in case of faults.
It is essential that HMIs provide vital functionality in order to maximize resources, fundamentally we are talking about remote access on machines.
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The Weintek HMI, in addition to being compatible with more than 300 protocols from PLC brands on the market, also allow for interconnection with IT systems and securely open remote access to Industrial machines, monitor systems through Web-browser and create customized dashboards for your installation including more than one system.
The versatility of all Weintek HMI in providing these useful tools in our daily lives is something innovative in the products, adapting the machines to the new digital industries.
* – Optional


Weincloud Dashboard  (Optional)
Software EasyBuilder Pro for configuration | CODESYS (Opcional) functions PLC

  • With EasyAccess 2.0* for remote access to your application;
  • Monitoring in real time;
  • Personalized pages for monitoring;
  • Weincloud Dashboard for creating a single monitoring interface.
  • Any industry.
F.Fonseca is the representative of Weintek in Portugal.
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