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Gas flow analyzer in Flowsic 200 tunnels - SICK

The FLOWSIC200 from SICK is used for the contact-free and accurate measurement of flow velocity and flow direction inside tunnels or exhaust ventilation ducts. 

Ultrasonic technology provides the cross-sectional mean average value of the flow velocity. This device is used for measurement necessary for optimal ventilation control and reducing running costs to a minimum when air flow is dictated by climatic conditions or by traffic.
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In case of fires in tunnels the accurate, reliable and representative measurement of air velocity and direction across the tunnel is mandatory. This is the only way to check reliably the smoke propagation and to achieve the necessary information for optimal control of the ventilation system. 

Technical data  

Measuring principle: ultrasonic propagation time delay measurement
Number of measuring components: 1
Measuring ranges: flow velocity: -65.6 ... 65.6 ft/s (-20 m/s ... 20 m/s)
Remark: continuously adjustable
Measuring paths: 16.4 ... 131.2 ft (5 ... 40 m), depending on device type, larger measuring paths on request
Ambient temperature: -40 ... 140 °F (-40 ... 60 °C)
Ambient humidity: 0 ... 100 %, relative humidity
Conformities: ASTRA "Guideline - Ventilation of Road Tunnels" (2004, V1.2), RABT 2006, RSV 09.02.22
Electrical safety: CE
Enclosure rating: sender/receiver units: IP 66 control unit MCU: IP 65
Analog outputs: 1 output: 0/2/4 ... 22 mA, 750 Ω, extendible by additional I/O modules
Analog inputs: 2 inputs: 0 ... 20 mA , 0 ... 10 V, extendible by additional I/O modules
Digital outputs: 5 outputs: 120 V AC, 1 A 30 V DC, 2 A,  floating, for status signals, extendible by additional I/O modules
Digital inputs: 4 inputs: For connection of floating contacts, extendible by additional I/O modules Interfaces:    RS-232, RS-485 (option), USB (Service interface)
Bus protocol: ethernet TCP/IP (option), PROFIBUS-DP (option), MODBUS (on request)
Operation: via LC-display or software SOPAS ET
Device types: aluminum cast housing, stainless steel housing
System components: connection box, sender/receiver units, control unit MCU
Test functions: internal zero and reference point check
Mounting: typical hight above lane: 13.8 ft (4.2 m),  45° ... 60° to tunnel axis
Note: the scope of delivery depends on application and customer specifications

  • Very large measuring distance possible; 
  • Contact-free measurement; 
  • Extremely rugged compounds made of titanium, stainless steel or die cast metal; 
  • Types for very corrosive atmospheres; 
  • Determination of flow direction; 
  • No mechanically moving parts).

  • Representative measurement across the total tunnel width; 
  • Very reliable measurement, in contrast to any punctual measurement; 
  • Accurate measurement also in case of low flow velocities; 
  • Low operational costs due to reliable operation and low maintenance; 
  • High availability of devices and therefore also of measurement data.

  • Data monitoring for detection of smoke propagation; 
  • Measurement data monitoring for tunnel ventilation control; 
  • Measurement in road and railway tunnels.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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