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Industrial Automation

Gateway Wireless Bolt IoT- Anybus« - HMS

Anybus Wireless Bolt IoT allows industrial machines, electrical panels and even vehicles to connect to a wireless network.
Anybus Wireless Bolt IoT from Anybus® - HMS is an access point, to be mounted on machines, vehicles or electrical panels, designed to  allow access to wireless networks using mobile data. This access makes it possible to configure the system were the Bolt is connected through a laptop, tablet, smartphone or any service in the cloud.
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The Bolt IoT is easily mounted on a machine, vehicle or electrical cabinet using an M50 thread, which assures a robust interface with IP67 protection.
The Wireless Bolt IoT can communicate on a standard LTE network NB-IoT and CAT-M1.
The new LTE standards integrate LP-WAN (Low Power Wide Area Networks), which indicates low energy consumption, low bandwidth (25-300 kbit/s) and a good geographical location at a low cost.
The new Anybus wireless Bolt IoT is a compact wireless access point, developed with an innovative and robust design with integrated antenna, for direct use on a machine or in vehicles.
  • Mobile data connectivity;
  • With integrated antenna;
  • Rugged design with IP67.
  • Only one M50 opening is required for mounting on the machine or cabinet;
  • Integration of a nano-SIM card;
  • With the latest LPWA Global 13 band LTE NB-IoT communication technology, LTE CAT-M1 and GPRS / EDGE failback;
  • Integrates Ultra-Low Power Mode technology; Reduced power consumption for battery or solar / wind powered applications.
  • All industries.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Anybus - HMS in Portugal.
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