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High-performance fiber-optic sensor WLL180T - SICK

High-performance fiber-optic sensor with world’s fastest response time!
The WLL180T fiber-optic photoelectric sensor family, from SICK, provides the world’s fastest response time - only 16μs.

In addition, it offers superior sensing distances of up to 20m and its high light intensity delivers a reliable, high-powered solution – even in difficult ambient conditions, like dust, spray, mist, and water jets. Commissioning is simple – either via the external teach-in input or directly on the unit. Two, four-digit displays provide visualization of all programming steps, status displays, plus target and actual values through an intuitive menu structure. The WLL180T sensors can be operated either as a stand-alone or in a bus configuration, depending on the requirements. In a bus configuration, several sensors are networked via an internal bus, enabling the settings on one WLL180T to be copied to all other devices on the bus. Fiber-optic amplifier cross-talk is prevented by the sensors integrated anti-interference logic.
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  • Selectable response time up to 16µs;
  • Sensing range up to 20m (through-beam system), up to 1,400mm (proximity system);
  • Bus-compatible with anti-interference;
  • 2 x 4-digit digital display;
  • Adjustable hysteresis;
  • Rotatable display screen;
  • High-resolution signal processing;
  • Programmable time delays.

  • Reliable, rapid process detection, even under the most difficult ambient conditions, such as dust, spray or mist;
  • Easy commissioning and product changeover due to external teach-in;
  • Cross-talk is eliminated when utilizing bus configuration option;
  • Quick, easy setup and adjustment due to an intuitive operating menu;
  • Flexible parameter adjustment due to high-resolution signal processing. Hysteresis and time delays can be adapted to suit the application, e.g., when detecting tiny or transparent objects
  • Easy-to-read display, even under difficult installation conditions.

  • Any and all industry, regardless of the activity sector, where the space for sensor installation is reduced.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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