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Industrial Automation

Isolation and measuring transducer STR/BTR - HSB

For the conversion of a standard electrical signal into another standard signal or/and electric isolation, the STR/BTR isolation transducer from HSB Electronics uses the terminals A1 and A2 for connection to 24VAC/DC or 230VAC. The green LED indicates the connection to the power supply, which must be continuously connected to the transducer.
The STR/BTR transducer acquires a standard signal 0(4)...20mA/ 0(2)...10V and converts it into an independent current or voltage signal. The measuring circuit is electrically isolated from the power supply. The desired configuration is selected with the DIP switches on the relay´s front panel. The STR/BTR isolation transformer has three-way isolation.
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  • Supply voltage – A1/A2: 24VAC/DC; 230VAC;
  • Frequency range: 0/50...60Hz;
  • Internal resistance – I: 237 Ohm; U: 20 kOhm;
  • Operation mode: continuous;
  • Input: 0(4)...20mA ; 0(2)...10V;
  • Output: 0(4)...20mA ; 0(2)...10V;
  • Width: 11,25mm/22,5mm.
  • One equipment configurable  for different standard electrical signals;
  • Available in a 2-way and 3-way output version.
  • All industries.

F.Fonseca is the representative of HSB in Portugal.
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