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Tag-based localization LOCU - SICK

Process optimization thanks to full data transparency
Logistics processes in warehousing and manufacturing are subject to a constant striving for efficiency. The objective is to reduce costs and increase the quality of the sequential processes.

For optimal planning and problem-free execution of downstream processes, it is essential to be able to accurately localize goods and items. This is the only way, for example, to reduce unnecessary machine downtimes through knowledge of the incoming products.
SICK’s LOCU range of hardware components for indoor localization provide full transparency in intralogistic processes. LOCU employs ultra-wideband technology (UWB) based localization tags and antennas for receiving and evaluating telemetry data, to localize tagged objects in the covered logistic and manufacturing areas.
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  • Indoor localization system, scalable, UWB based, for recording position and status data of assets;
  • Tracking functionality;
  • Indirect object localization via data fusion.

  • Geo-fencing: automated triggering of defined follow-up processes as soon as assets reach or leave certain geozones;
  • Thanks to its compact dimensions, the UWB location tag is easy to attach to transported goods (pallets, containers, boxes, transport vehicles, AGVs, etc.);
  • Shortened waiting times, reduced empty runs and optimized transport routes;
  • Better process control due to high localization accuracy and indirect localization of small objects;
  • Greater process transparency for audits, regulatory authorities and just-in-time production by visualizing asset position data and sensor data in real time;
  • Automated triggering of user-defined notifications;
  • No interference with other radio communication systems;
  • Low energy.

  • Monitoring of goods movements and material flow;
  • Tracking and tracing of assets;
  • Efficient use of assets;
  • Automation of booking processes and completeness checks for picking processes.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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