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Loop Calibrator ADT209/ADT210 - Additel

The Additel 209 and 210 loop calibrator series combine ease of use and functionality, making them the ideal tools to troubleshoot your process loop.
The ADT209 has an accuracy of 0.03% of reading whereas the ADT210 holds an accuracy of 0.01% of reading.
If you want to source, simulate or simply measure the Additel Loop calibrator series will fit your need. The ADT209 and ADT210 allow for measurement of current, voltage and a switch. You can also simulate or source mA or a process transmitter. With a push of a button, you can switch to zero and span values, auto ramp, and auto step throughout the range. Each loop calibrator has a large, easy to read screen which simultaneously displays the measurement with the % of span.
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  • Accuracy to 0.01% of reading;
  • Small and rugged handheld design;
  • Measure, source, or simulate loop current;
  • Measure DC volts;
  • Simultaneously mA and % span display;
  • Switch functionality;
  • Selectable ramp and step functions;
  • Easy to read display and user interface;
  • HART 250Ω resistor in series with 24V loop.
  • It can supply 24VDC to the loop avoiding the need of an extra power supply;
  • It has the functionality of ramp and step making the calibration task automatic without the need of changing set point for all the points manually saving time;
  • The device has 3 years of warranty. 
  • Any kind of industry that need to calibrate transmitters or need to check voltage or current loops in the acquisition hardware like a PLC.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Additel in Portugal.
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