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Magnetic proximity sensor for MIS tag identification - SICK

The MIS is a magnetic-coded identification sensor that is used to identify magnetic-coded tags. The MIS is used in conjunction with magnetic-coded tags and optionally a mounting bracket from SICK. The tag number can either be output via an analog voltage, a current output or via IO-Link. The analog output is configured by default with a 16-step division so that 15 magnetic-coded tags can be differentiated.
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In addition to identification, the presence of tags can be passed on to the control via a digital switching output. Due to its function, the MIS is particularly well-suited for simple identification tasks as are used in tool or format changes, for example. Thanks to the pre-coded magnetic tags, programming effort is reduced since the tags do not first have to be written. The sensor and the tag(s) simply have to be attached to the desired position(s), then they’re ready to go.
  • Identification sensor for reading magnetic-coded tags;
  • The tag number is output either via an analog voltage, a current output or via IO-Link;
  • Digital switching output for presence detection of the tag.
  • Specially designed for easy identification tasks;
  • Very easy commissioning thanks to universal mounting support and tags with advance magnetic coding.
  • Machine building.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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