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Portable, digital pH/redox and conductivity measuring devices 202710 - Jumo

The measuring devices of product group 202710 are battery-operated hand-held units intended to define the following measured values:
  • pH value, Redox potential and temperature, or conductive conductivity and temperature respectively in laboratories, industrial plants, in waste water treatment, in fish-keeping or fish-farming, etc.
The devices feature a min. and max. value memory and a hold function.
To extend the longevity of the battery, the device can be automatically shut down within a time span of 1 minute to 2 hours. Continuous measuring is also possible. The devices are operated using a membrane keypad.
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The 202710/20 version is a device measuring the pH value, the redox potential as well as the temperature. It is equipped with a manual or automatic temperature compensation for the measured value. The available Pt 100 temperature probe is an optional feature.
A commercially available single-rod electrode is connected to a BNC socket, and it can be adjusted by means of 2-state calibration.
The 202710/30 version is a device measuring conductive conductivity and temperature.
The pre-installed conductivity measuring cell is equipped with graphite electrodes and features a cell constant of 1.0 1/cm. The temperature probe for automatic temperature compensation is integrated in the measuring cell. The hand-held measuring device permanently displays the conductivity compensated to 25°C. The automatic measuring range selection ensures that the measured value is always displayed in the optimal measuring range. This function can also be disabled.
  • Min. and max. value memory;
  • Hold function;
  • Adjustable automatic switch-off;
  • Easy-to-read, 2-line LC display;
  • Supply from a 9 V block battery;
  • Display of battery condition;
  • Compact design.
  • Punctual or continuous measurement;
  • Measurement with automatic temperature compensation;
  • Always displayed the optimum range.
  • Mobile measuring points;
  • Swimming pools;
  • Water consumption;
  • Waste water;
  • Process industry;
  • Laboratories.

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