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Medium Voltage Soft Starters – SI-DST - Solcon-IGEL

Experience the evolution of soft startiers - The first of its kind - Igbt based medium voltage soft starter.

Introducing the SI-DST, the first of its kind, IGBT based Medium Voltage Soft Starter, optimized for applications that require low starting current and/or a high starting torque. The cutting edge design results in significant savings in costs, energy and space while meeting high demand application requirements.
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Experience the Evolution of Soft Starters

The DriveStart is optimized for applications that require a low starting current and/or a high starting torque: 
  • Provides full torque start;
  • Starts at nominal motor current or lower;
  • Enables motor starting from weak electrical networks;
  • Reduces motor heat at start enabling use of standard motors;
  • Saving costs, energy and space while meeting top performance requirements;
  • Significantly lower price point than a Medium Voltage VFD, yet providing similar soft start and soft stop features;
  • Integrated bypass ensures no energy loss during operation, reducing energy waste and operational costs;
  • Peak demand reduction;
  • Streamlined design translating to at least 50% reduction in space requirements vs. a VFD with comparable performance.

  • Input voltage – Up to 6.6 kV 50/60Hz +10% -15%;
  • Power range – Up to 6.6kV, 5MW; 
  • Mains starting current – 10% to 120% of motor rated current; 
  • Starting capacity of 100% of FLC for 600 seconds at 50°C, numerous number of starts; 
  • Starting torque - Up to 160% of motor rated toque; 
  • Internal synchronization system (bypass), from DriveStart to mains and back;
  • Soft Start and Soft Stop; 
  • Multi-start capabilities; 
  • Electronic Potential Current Transformer (EPCT) voltage and current measurements via fiber optics;
  • Integrated data logger and wave form capture for all major system signals including current and voltage (optional); 
  • Remote diagnostics and failure analysis (optional).


Typical Applications 
  • Water pumps;
  • Waste water pumps; 
  • Booster pumps; 
  • Compressors;   
  • Oil pumps; 
  • LNG pumps; 
  • Fans and blowers; 
  • Conveyor belts; 
  • Ball mills; 
  • Compressors; 
  • Refrigeration chillers; 
  • Mixers; 
  • Thrusters; 
  • Ballast and fire-fighting pumps; 
  • Injection pumps.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Solcon-IGEL in Portugal.
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