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Motion detector HF 360-2 KNX - STEINEL

Smart surveillance professional – is the new motion detector HF 360-2 from the Control PRO 2 range. Modern look and intelligent 360° HF sensor technology - ideal for stairwells and toilet facilities with cubicles. Conveniently adjusted and interconnected via Bluetooth.
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Smart sensor system. A step further.
Evolving from the HF 360, the HF 360-2 is the first product from the new Control PRO 2 range from STEINEL that, not only switches light ON and OFF, but also delivers digital data too. As a result, the HF 360-2 intelligent sensor in the KNX, IP and DALI-2 Input Device bus interfaces additionally measures temperature and humidity. Conveniently interconnected and adjusted via Bluetooth, it can do all the parameterization conveniently as well as interconnect with other equipment. The HF 360-2 is available in the following versions: COM1; COM2; DALI-2 APC; DALI-2 IPD; KNX; IP; and BT IPD (Slave).
The discreet surveillance specialist provides reliable 360° HF detection that also penetrates wood, glass and stud walls and comes with a reach of up to 12 m. Suitable for mounting heights of up to 4 m. Its modern design is inspired by STEINEL's True Presence sensors.
  • Motion detector;
  • 360° high-frequency sensor;
  • Range up to 12 m;
  • Mounting height up to 4 m.
  • Concealed wiring;
  • UV-resistant plastic;
  • Detection through glass, wood and stud walls.

  • Sanitary installations with cubicles;
  • Stairs.

F.Fonseca is the representative of STEINEL in Portugal.
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