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Motor Monitoring with SI-MIP6 - Solcon-IGEL

How much is an engine stop worth?
Solcon-IGEL has developed highly robust soft starter equipment for the most demanding industries in the market such as the mining industry, water pumping, petrochemical, marine and any other applications with high performance.

Thinking of demanding industries and avoiding untimely shutdowns, Solcon-IGEL has developed a motor monitoring equipment, the SI-MIP6 motor isolation protection relay.
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In order to prevent failures, the SI-MIP6 is there to constantly monitor the winding performance of your motor. It can cause alarms, check the insulation resistance, set the parameters (average/maximum/minimum) that can be viewed and used to set trends and define preventive and predictive interventions.
  • Measures the actual insulation resistance of the motor;
  • Utilizes up to 48 VDC test voltage to increase personnel safety;
  • In case of failure, the alarm or error program prevents the motor from restarting;
  • Programmable setpoints alarm / error in Mohms;
  • Programmable alarm or error delay times;
  • Illuminated LCD display with 2 lines of 16 characters each;
  • Deterioration monitoring by storing history with time stamp: 
           1. Hourly registration for a period of 24 hours;
           2. Daily life for a period of 31 days;
           3. Month by month for a period of 256 weeks;
           4. Year-on-year for a period of 21 previous years.Six (6) programmable digital inputs;
  • Six (6) programmable digital outputs;
  • RS-485 communications with MODBUS;
  • Control voltage: 85-230VAC/ DC (50/ 60Hz);
  • Operating temperature: 0 ° C to 50 ° C.

  • Reliable system that provides preventive and predictive information of possible malfunctions;
  • Ability to integrate this system with high level management platforms;
  • Early warning of potential damage to maintenance teams;
  • Ability to access information in real time;
  • Possibility to adjust alarm and error parameters;
  • Possibility to consult an alarm history and events.
  • All kinds of applications and industries.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Solcon-IGEL in Portugal.
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