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Industrial Automation

Multi-function timers SMR - HSB

The multi-function timers SMR from HSB offers multiple time functions.  Functionality can be selected by DIP switch. Advantage of this device is low cost stock-keeping because of its use in universal applications.
The SMR multifunction timer offers 7 selectable timing functions and 8 different timing intervals in one unit. The function and timing intervals can be adjusted with DIP switches on the front panel of the relay. The multifunction timer can operate on either AC or DC voltage using two separate connections. For a 230V AC power supply use the terminals A1/A2. For a 24V UC power supply use the terminals A3/A2. The green LED indicates the connection to the power supply. Timing commences with the connection of the power supply or contact controlled on terminals B1/B2 or voltage controlled on terminal B1.

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  • Supply voltage – A1/A2: 230VAC; A3/A2: 24VAC/DC;
  • Frequency range: 0/50...60Hz;
  • Selectable time range: 0,05s - 10h/0,05s - 30min;
  • Selectable functions;
  • Width: 11,25mm/22,5mm.
  • One equipment configurable  for different delay functions;
  • Adjustment of time range and function can be done with dip switches;
  • Fine tuning of the time range can be done by an intern potentiometer.
  • All industries.

F.Fonseca is the representative of HSB in Portugal.
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