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Multiple light beam safety devices M4000 - Sick

Complete safety exactly to your requirements.
Multiple light beam safety devices are used for access protection with and without muting. Wide scanning ranges and high signal reserves allow a wide range of application possibilities even under harsh ambient conditions. 

The comprehensive functions are easy to understand and can be set by means of menus. The broad scanning range permits standardization of just one device for a wide range of applications and thus implements machine safety cost-effectively.
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  • Wide scanning range of up to 70 m;
  • External device monitoring (EDM), restart interlock (RES) and application diagnostic output (ADO);
  • Robust housing with three mounting grooves;
  • Simple device configuration and quick diagnostics;
  • Tried-and-tested 7-segment display for diagnostics;
  • Beam coding for precise system allocation;
  • Integrated as an option: laser alignment aid, LED;
  • Active/passive variants for inexpensive wiring.

  • The broad scanning range allows the device to be standardized for multiple applications;
  • Resistant and robust type for high system reliability, even under difficult ambient conditions;
  • Mounting grooves on three housing sides ensure more flexibility during mounting and simplify machine integration;
  • Customer-friendly interfaces and status indicators simplify commissioning and Maintenance;
  • Advanced variant: for 2-sensor and 4-sensor muting, the on-site connection of the muting signals minimizes the wiring effort considerably and simplifies commissioning and maintenance;
  • Active/passive variants minimize the wiring and installation workload, since only one side has to be wired.

Wherever it is necessary to protect access to hazardous areas or dangerous points. 

F.Fonseca is the representative of Sick in Portugal.
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