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Power Supplies “Evolution +”- Murrelektronik

Evolution power supplies from Murrelektronik are compact, powerful and efficient. So far, the three-phase switch mode power supply units have been available for output voltages from 22 to 28 V DC. Now we provide a solution for output voltages from 12 to 13.5 V DC.
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Evolution power supplies are available in different power classes from 5 to 40 A. The units are suitable for worldwide use. They feature a wide nominal input voltage range from 3 x 324 to 520 V AC or 480 to 745 V DC - with the required additional tolerance of 10%, of course. The temperature range these power supplies can handle is incredible: they can be operated from -25° to 70° Celsius without any problems. 

The extra power function gives 50% more power for a period up to four seconds - to start motors or to support high capacitive loads. The U/I characteristics support this function: In any situation, it limits the output current to the nominal current. This is important for overloads or short circuits. 

  • A practical feature: the three phase power supplies still operate reliably with only two phases. This is important in case if there is a failure. With Evolution, you can continue operating under full loads;
  • Evolution power supplies are compact. They feature cooling fins in an innovative design so they are also part of the housing and provide perfect heat dissipation. This makes the switch mode power supplies ideal for applications with temperature-sensitive components. 

  • Evolution power supplies have UL approval, which makes them suitable for the American and Canadian markets. Furthermore, they meet the Semi F47 standard. Evolution ensures stable output voltage even with voltage peaks. Another new feature is the GL (German Lloyd) approval on some models. They are now approved for shipbuilding applications.

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F.Fonseca is the representative of Murrelektronik in Portugal.
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