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Radio frequency modular system RFMS Pro - Sick

Flexible design and high throughput in a single system.

The RFMS Pro (Radio Frequency Modular System) track and trace system is an industrial-grade system from Sick. This system features interrogators for RFID identification, a central controller with integrated assignment algorithm and incremental encoders that determine object position on the conveyor belt. The innovative module design makes it possible to quickly change the mechanical setup for various logistics applications.

The installation wizard integrated in the configuration software from Sick makes simple, cost-effective on-site commissioning possible. The result: complete transparency in the supply chain.
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Sick's Radio Frequency Modular System (RFMS Pro) is a decisive contribution towards process optimization and transparency in the delivery chain – both today and in the future. The RFMS Pro demonstrates its strengths for goods-in and picking in conveying lines: the innovative modular concept offers top flexibility in design and commissioning. The integrated installation wizard supports simple, cost-effective on-site commissioning. The intelligent assignment algorithm allows objects to be placed closely next to other on the belts.

The IDpro from Sick integrates the RFMS Pro easily in any application – even in combination with other technologies for automatic identification (laser scanner or camera, for example). In addition, a solution to measure the volume can be integrated to output the dimension of the particular object. The advantage: all required data are outputted via one unit and one interface.

  • Standard modules with or without antenna;
  • Self-supporting modules;
  • Proven assignment algorithm for RFID tags on objects;
  • Static tag detection and filtering;
  • Integrated service, monitoring and diagnostic tools;
  • Object-based data output on relevant interfaces such as Ethernet, serial interface or PROFIBUS;
  • Parameter cloning of all components.

  • Wide range of tunnel design options, with only two standard modules requires very little planning and design work;
  • Quick and easy commissioning of the modules reduces installation time;
  • Minimal space between objects ensures a high throughput;
  • Simple integration with Sick’s ID-pro makes it easy to add bar code scanners to an application;
  • Maintenance-free design saves time and money;
  • High-quality system components are from a single source, ensuring system reliability and easy integration;
  • Self-supporting modules require no additional frame, eliminating additional design and material costs.

  • Logistics.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Sick in Portugal.
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