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Industrial Automation

IoT LTE Router RUT955 - Teltonika

In the IoT era there are several applications that normally require an internet access point, especially when they are remotely located without any infrastructure, usually outdoor. On the other hand certain machines may also need this type of equipment such as electric vehicle chargers, multimedia kiosks, etc ...
RUT955 is a highly reliable and secure LTE router with I/O, GNSS and RS232/RS485 for professional applications. This router delivers high performance, mission-critical cellular communication and GPS location capabilities. RUT955 is equipped with connectivity redundancy through dual SIM failover. External antenna connectors make it possible to attach desired antennas and to easily find the best signal location.
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  • RS232/RS485 serial communication interfaces and USB;
  • 3 x Input (0 - 3 V digital input / 0 - 30 V digital galvanically isolated input / 0 - 24 V analog input);
  • 2 x Digital Output (30 V, 250 mA digital open collector output / 40 V, 4 A SPST relay output);
  • IEEE 802.11b/g/n, Access Point (AP), Station (STA) with up to 100 simultaneous WiFi users;
  • 1 x WAN/LAN + 3x LAN ports 10/100 Mbps;
  • Firewall, VPN , VLAN and  QoS;
  • SMS status, SMS configuration, send/read SMS via HTTP POST/GET, EMAIL to SMS, SMS to EMAIL, SMS to HTTP, SMS to SMS, scheduled SMS, SMS autoreply and SMPP.
  • Dual SIM – significantly reduce roaming costs and auto-switch functionality in case of weak signal, data limit, SMS limit, roaming, no network, network denied, data connection fail and SIM idle protection;
  • GNSS positioning to help locate each device;
  • Teltonika Remote Management System compatible for WEB HTTP/HTTPS communication, status, configuration, FW update, CLI, troubleshoot, event log, system log and kernel log;
  • It allows MQTT protocol for IoT applications with communication to the Cloud;
  • Possibility to configure the inputs or outputs to trigger SMS or EMAIL transmission in case of alarm;
  • It allows access to the internet by 3 ways, SIM card, WiFi or LAN offering a unique reliability.
  • Agriculture;
  • Automotive industry;
  • Energy sector including renewables, SCADA systems, IoT in smart cities and much more;
  • Vending machines.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Teltonika in Portugal.
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