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Laser class 1 photoelectric proximity sensors W280L-2 - SICK

Great performance, simple operation!
The powerful photoelectric proximity sensor W280L-2 Long Range from SICK is characterized by its maximum sensing distance of up to 4 m combined with extremely simple operation. The sensing distance can be further extended to 18 m with the WLT280L-2 Long Range reflector version.
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The option of 2 independent switching outputs allows feedback of low and high detection points. Setup is easy through an intuitive sensing range adjustment potentiometer and indicator LED for each switching output. A visible red class 1 laser light ensures that the alignment is quick and precise. An integrated protective system in the photoelectric proximity sensor W280L-2 Long Range prevents adverse effects caused by reflections in the background, for example, resulting from reflective metal surfaces, windows and warning vests. Additionally, the photoelectric proximity sensor W280L-2 Long Range ignores cross-talk from an adjacent sensor.

  • WTT280L-2 Long Range: sensing distance up to 4 m;
  • WLT280L-2 Long Range on reflector: sensing distance up to 18 m;
  • Complete background suppression: very small black/white shift, insensitive against reflections from the background (e.g. shiny metal, window, safety vest);
  • Visible red class 1 laser light;
  • Version 1: with 1 x switching output and light/dark switch, version 2: with 2 x switching outputs and light/dark switch;
  • Disable laser by wire;
  • Reliable detection also in very fast production processes thanks to the switching frequency of 1000 Hz.

  • Reliable target detection with difficult target colors, angles and color transitions (black/white shift);
  • One sensor with two outputs and two status LEDs improves application flexibility and reduces the number of sensors needed;
  • Quick and easy commissioning with sensing distance adjustment potentiometers and status LED – one for each output;
  • Quick and easy alignment with a red class 1 laser light;
  • Rotatable connector and light/dark switch for mounting and installation flexibility.
  • Any industry, regardless of the sector of activity, where it is necessary to measure at large distances.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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