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Sensor technology HPD3 IP - Steinel

HPD3. Optical multisensors now also available for ceilings.
The highly sensitive optical system of the HPD3 doesn’t just detect people’s presence – it counts them, too. In combination with the built-in temperature and humidity sensors, this enables even more precise control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning in conference rooms and offices.
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In the field of FlexDesk management, the STEINEL HPD sensors provide a solid platform from which you can start optimising the use of space in your buildings.

Mounting height 2.00–4.00m
Mounting site Ceiling
Application, location Indoors
Sensor technology high-frequency
Detection zones 10 individually definable
Reach, radial 10m (avg.)
Angle of coverage 110°
Teach function Yes
Twilight setting 2-2000 lx
Settings via Bluetooth, web interface
IP rating IP20
Ambient temperature 0-40°C
Manufacturer‘s warranty 5 years
Application, room Lecture theatre, classroom, open-plan office, conference room,recreation room, production facilities,dining room/canteen 
Order details
HPD 3 concealed wiring ........................ 4007841 067304
HPD 3 surface-mounted ......................... 4007841 067298

  • Counts the number of people presente;
  • Temperature measurement;
  • Air humidity measurement;
  • IP interface (Power over Ethernet);
  • Number of people;
  • 10 individually defina[1]ble detection zones;
  • 110° built-in high-frequency sensor;
  • max. 10m;
  • Air humidity;
  • Temperature;
  • Brightness;
  • Bluetooth interface;
  • HPD2 as wall[1]mounted version;
  • IP interface (MQTT, REST, API, BACnet).
Health & care;
Industry & logistics;
Office & workspaces.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Steinel in Portugal.
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