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Industrial Automation

Positioning sensors G Serie – Temposonics

Sensors with analogue or Start/Stop output for standard applications.
Magnetostriction: The best choice for your application
You are under constant pressure to improve your products, reduce your costs and maintain a competitive edge. The choice you make must provide accuracy and repeatability. You need modular solutions that can adapt to your specific application and you need a price/performance ratio that delivers value. By choosing Temposonics sensors you’re choosing the leader in magnetostrictive position sensors. And that means you have a huge competitive advantage.
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Reliability is the feature which makes the G-Series smart sensors for industrial position measurement so convincing. G-Series transducers are available with analogue or digital start/stop output and can be programmed very easily.


GH: Pressure-resistant stainless steel rod sensor for automation
GP: Aluminum profile, perfect sensor for mechanical engineering
GF: Pressure-resistant rod version for hydraulic cylinders

Voltage: 0...10 V; 10...0 V; -10...+10 V, +10...-10 V (GH, GP); 0...10 V and 10...0V (GB)
Current: 0/4...20 mA; 20...4/0 mA (GH, GP); 4..20 mA or 20..4 mA (GB)
SSI: Gray or Binary; 25 or 24 Bit, synchronous and asynchronous measurement

Measuring Range
GH: Analog: 50-2500 mm; Digital: 50-7600 mm
GP: Analog: 50-2500 mm; Digital: 50-5000 mm
GF: Analog: 50-1500 mm; Digital: 50-3250 mm

Analog: infinite, controller dependent and restricted by output ripple (0,01 %)
Digital: 5 μm dependent on controller (GH, GP); 10 μm /GB)

Diagnostic LEDs: Diagnostic data online via programming tool.

  • Simultaneous Multi Magnet measurement on Start / Stop versions;
  • Measuring range programmable.

Increased productivity through innovation
sensors do more than just measure position. Intelligent electronics move some control functions to the sensor, dramatically increasing productivity. When needed, Temposonics can tailor application-specific software to meet your needs.

  • Fluids;
  • Food and beverage;
  • Metalworking;
  • Plastic and rubber;
  • Power generation;
  • Tools and assembling;
  • Warehousing and packaging;
  • Wood and paper.

Fonseca is the representative of Temposonics in Portugal.
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