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Industrial Automation

TRB2 series of M2M industrial routers - Teltonika

TRB is a series of cellular IoT routers designed for advanced industrial solutions, where a single device requires connectivity. Depending on the model, TRBxxx devices come with either an Ethernet port, RS232, RS485 or an Input/Output connector block.
The new Industrial All-In-One M2M LTE Cat 4 routers TRB245 equipped with multiple Inputs/Outputs, RS232, RS485 and Ethernet interfaces, allows this device to be used universally in M2M applications.
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Also the new TRB255 is an Industrial Cellular routers with multiple LPWAN connectivity options. This routers is very flexible, because it is equipped with Ethernet, Serial (RS232 + RS485) interfaces and multiple Inputs/Outputs. It features NB-IoT, LTE Cat-M1 and is backwards compatible to EGPRS (2G). Because of multiple cellular connectivity options, it offers cost-efficient and scalable ways to upgrade a large amount of legacy infrastructure or implement new long-term M2M connectivity projects. Finally, location positioning technology (GNSS) and Dual-SIM functionality, along with compatibility with Teltonika Remote Management system, will make sure that your infrastructure is not only reliably connected, but also easy to monitor and control.
  • LTE Cat 4 up to 150 Mbps for TRB245;
  • LTE Cat M1/ Cat NB1 / EGPRS Communication for TRB255;
  • RS232/RS485 serial communication interfaces;
  • Wide range of power supply voltages;
  • Dual-Sim with auto Failover, Backup WAN and other SW features;
  • Multiple Inputs/Outputs for remote monitoring and control;
  • Teltonika Remote Management System compatible;
  • GNSS positioning with geofencing functionality for TRB 255.
  • Professional devices with Ethernet port and LTE Cat 4 for high data throughput, high processing power and convenient router access via Remote Management System;
  • Reliable and robust LTE Module supporting a wide range of industrial networking protocols tested in various critical applications, aluminium housing and multiple connection/service watchdogs;
  • Secure multiple VPN options, advanced firewall functionality and continuous firmware updates;
  • Industrial LTE Cat.M1/NB-IoT / EGPRS for IIoT and Dual-Sim for extra redundancy.
  • Energy & Utilities;
  • Enterprise and Retail;
  • Industrial & Automation;
  • Smart City;
  • Transportation.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Teltonika in Portugal.
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