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Industrial Automation

Soluções de Fieldbus - HMS Anybus Diagnostics - Monitoring

Ensuring network uptime and security.
Well-functioning and efficient networks have become business-critical factors for organizations which therefore are crucial indicators that need attention. Regardless of the network type or architecture, whether it is a greenfield or brownfield site, Anybus Diagnostics provides ready-made products to get you connected and to help standardize preventive measures against costly production downtime.
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Downtime is the nemesis of every single industry, with hugely detrimental effects on production, output, revenues, and sustainability. That's why it's crucial for managers and planners to prioritize reducing and preventing downtime. By minimizing its frequency and duration, you can unlock a range of benefits, including cost savings, optimized processes, improved performance, and reduced waste, such as energy consumption, product spoilage, and rejects.

How to Reduce or Even Eliminate Downtime
  1. Permanent monitoring: Shine a Light on Potential Issues;
  2. Network segmentation: Build a Robust Infrastructure;
  3. Be prepared with good quality essential spare parts;
  4. Network insights - Leveraging AI for efficient troubleshooting;
  5. Train your own staff and close the knowledge gap.
  • Efficiency in Troubleshooting and Repair;
  • Improving Performance and Sustainability;
  • Enhanced Worker Safety through Remote Monitoring.

Anybus offers expertise and a comprehensive lineup of products designed to safeguard the reliability of your network. With our solutions, you can ensure the uninterrupted operation of your fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet networks. Here's how we can support you:
Permanent Monitoring Fieldbus. More than 24/7 remote monitoring.
The current trend with PROFIBUS projects is to use segmentation with repeaters and fiber optics to bridge the common faults of the end-user concerning his cabling difficulties.
Anybus ComBricks adds another important element; the creation of modular and random repeater hubs that can be maintained remotely with a permanent internal oscilloscope measurement. This allows you to not only monitor but also strengthen the backbone of your network.

Did you know the ComBricks are 100% compatible with our Anybus ProfiHubs?

  • ComBricks 1 Channel PROFIBUS RS485-IS Repeater;
  • ComBricks 4 Channel Relay Module 5 A - 230 VAC Type 1;
  • ComBricks 6A Power Module;
  • ComBricks PROFIBUS Fiber Optic Module;
  • ComBricks 1 Channel Repeater;
  • ComBricks 1 Channel SCOPE Repeater;
  • ComBricks PROFIBUS Single-Mode Fiber Optic Ring;
  • ComBricks PROFIBUS Multi-Mode Fiber Optic Ring;
  • ComBricks 2 Channel Repeater;
  • ComBricks PROFIBUS PA link/coupler module;
  • ComBricks Head Station Type 1B with ProfiTrace OE;
  • ComBricks Head Station Type 1A with basic web server;
  • ComBricks Head Station Type 1C with ProfiTrace OE;
  • Permanent monitoring of your PROFIBUS network;
  • Remote access via web browser;
  • Easy-to-use interface and installation;
  • Only product on the market with an integrated oscilloscope for permanent measurements on a running network;
  • Segment your network using different modules at your own need;
  • Hot swap modular system.

  • All industries with Profibus networks.

F.Fonseca is the representative of HMS in Portugal.
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