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HT33 series tower online UPS - INVT

The INVT HT33 series is online UPS with the most advanced DSP control technology which can protect the sensitive device from utility fail, over/under voltage, surges, transients, spikes and other electrical abnormalities.
HT33 series tower online UPS 10-40kVA applies advanced technology that increases performance and reliability: two high speed DSPs with completed digital control to ensure high quality of power supply, high input power factor and low input current distortion.
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  • High efficiency,up to 96%;
  • High input PF>0.99;
  • Input current THDi<3%;
  • Muti-protection, as temperature, overload, battery under voltage, fan failures, short-circuit;
  • Four circuit breakers, providing full protection when fault happens battery cold start;
  • Full DSP control;
  • Battery management: smart charging control, auto maintenance, greatly extend the battery life;
  • Parallel up to 8 units;
  • Friendly operation interface, high-resolution LCD screen.
 Capacity  10kVA  15kVA  20kVA  30kVA   40kVA
 Phase  3Ph+N+PE,380V/400V/415V(line to line)
 Voltage range  304-478Vac (line-line),full load;
 228V-304Vac (line-line),load decrease linearly according to the min phase voltage
 Frequency range  40-70Hz
 THDi  <4%  <3%
 Power factor  >0.99
 Voltage  380/400/415VAC (line-line)
 Voltage regulation  ±1%
 THDu  <1% (linear load),
 <5.5% non-linear load according to   IEC/EN62040-3
 <1%(linear load),<5%(none-linear load)
 Power factor  1.0  0.9
 Frequency range  50/60Hz
 Frequency precision  0.01%
 Overload capability  110% for 60 min; 125% for 10 min;150% for 1 min;>150% for 200ms
 Voltage  ±240VDC
 Charger  power  20%*system power
 Voltage precision  1%
 System   efficiency  Normal  95%  95%  96%
 Battery  94.5%  95%  96%
 Display  LCD + LED + Keyboard
 IP class  IP20
 Interface  Standard: RS232, RS485,dual input kit;
 Option: SNMP, dry contact,, parallel kit, battery cold start
 Operation Temperature  0-40℃
 Relative humidity  0-95%(non condensing)
 Noise  <55dB (1 meter away)
 Weight(Kg)  51.5  51.5  89  89   140
 31  31  50  52  61
 Dimension  (W*D*H)  250*840*715  250*840*715  350*738*1335  350*738*1335  500*840*1400
 250*660*530  250*660*530  250*680*770  250*680*770  250*836*770  
  • Airports;
  • Commercial spaces;
  • Data and communication centers;
  • Emergency systems;
  • Hospitals;
  • Hotels;
  • Industrial buildings;
  • Office buildings;
  • Schools;
  • Telecommunications;
  • Transport.

F.Fonseca is distributor of INVT in Portugal.
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