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Waterproof edge intelligence gateway UNO-430 - Advantech

Advantech UNO-430 is a highly ruggedized gateway featured with IP69K/68 Water proof and -40~70°C wide operating temp, which is suitable for general outdoor and indoor application to withstand harsh environment.
Designed for operation in harsh outdoor/industrial environments, UNO-430-E1A features all-around IP69K/68-rated ingress protection and cable gland I/O connectors to provide a truly watertight solution that can withstand the most demanding applications.
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The waterproof enclosure features a front door for easy access and maintenance as well as a cable gland that offers further ingress protection. This eliminates the need for a waterproof cabinet, cables, or wiring, which enables customers to use the UNO-430 gateway as a standalone data acquisition gateway. Moreover, with the provision of standard M.2 2230 Wi-Fi and M.2 3052/3042 5G/LTE sockets, the UNO-430 gateway offers expandable wireless connectivity for remote communication and data transfers.
  • Intel® Atom E3950 Quad-core processor with 8G DDR3L memory;
  • Reserve M.2 3052/3042 key B, M.2 2230 key E for Wi-Fi, LTE & GPS expansion;
  • 2 x GbE, 2 x RS-422/485 (isolated) ,1 x RS-232 (console) and hardware security TPM2.0 IP69K and IP68-rated protection from water and dust;
  • -40~70°C wide operating temp design for harsh environment;
  • Easy maintenance with front door and cable gland design saves special waterproof cable wiring effort;
  • Bi-direction wall mount support;
  • RED Compliance.
Easy Installation and Maintenance
Waterproofed cable gland protects enclosure when cables are routed inside, no individual waterproof pin-to-pin protection needed:
  • Waterproofed cable gland design exclude dust and moisture from the enclosure standard cables can be used, no special waterproofed cables needed;
  • Front door provides internal access for easy maintenance.
Wireless Connectivity
5G/LTE and Wi-Fi is ideal for industries with large-scale factories and outdoor equipment:
  • Ready for 5G;
  • M.2 3052/3042 key B and M.2 2230 key E sockets for Wi-Fi, LTE & GPS expansion;
  • RED Directive 2014/53/EU compliance.
Perfect Gateway for Extreme Conditions
UNO-430 is highly ruggedized industrial gateway and designed for harsh environment to ensure optimal operation under extreme conditions:
  • All-around IP69K/IP68-rated protection from water and dust, even under high-pressure, high-temperature washdowns and steam cleaning;
  • Built-in TPM 2.0 hardware-based security for secure data transmissions;
  • Wide operating temperature range from -40 ~ 70 °C.
Designed as a tough high-performance intelligence gateway under extreme conditions, UNO-430 can monitor equipment operations and health status in real-time, makes it ideal for data acquisition, system warning and management, and unmanned remote control. Built to provide a truly watertight solution that can withstand the most demanding applications, UNO-430 is suitable for general outdoor and indoor installations, including at the roadside and in manufacturing sites:
  • Oil and gas;
  • Outdoor factory;
  • Roadside;
  • Wast water.

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