Din rail / Terminal head

Temperature transmitter dTRANS T01- Jumo

The dTRANS T01 Temperature Transmitter is a universal transmitter (RTD and Thermocouple), galvanically isolated, with 4 to 20 mA output and HART interface. Programmable by software.

The 2-wire transmitter, from Jumo, senses the temperature by means of a RTD temperature probe or a thermocouple. For RTD temperature probes, the probe can be connected in a 2, 3 or wire circuit. The probe type, connection type, and measurement range can be configured using a configuration program. The 4 to 20 mA or inverted 20 to 4 mA output signal is provided linearized (temperature-linear). The device is designed for industrial applications and complies with the respective European standards for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). For potentially explosive atmospheres we have the dTRANS T01 Ex complies with the directives concerning the explosive areas according to the declaration of conformity.

Temperature transmitter dTRANS T06 Ex – Jumo

The dTRANS T06 Ex, is the new multifunctional 4-wire signal transmitter for applications that demand a high level of security.
This multifunctional unit makes it possible to establish safe measurement chains (SIL 2 or SIL 3), allowing temperature probes to be used in EX 0 zones. The dTRANS T06 Ex can be used with RTD temperature probes, thermocouples, potentiometers, voltage and current signals. The transmitter converts these input signals into outputs signal 0(2) at 10V or 0(4) at 20mA.

Temperature transmitter dTRANS T08 - Jumo

dTRANS T08 the new small DIN rail temperature transmitter with high capacities.
The dTRANS T08 is characterized by its small dimensions and high precision. Its 6mm thickness allows for great installation space savings in the electric cabinet. Its accuracy is 0.05% across all signal ranges. It has galvanic isolation option and a high level of interference immunity according to the NAMUR NE21 standard.
The response time is <30ms, allowing the transmitters to be used in processes with rapid temperature changes.

Temperature transmitter with HART/Ex/SIL dTRANS T07 - Jumo

The dTRANS T07 is a 2-channel temperature transmitter with HART®7 protocol, with Ex and SIL approval.
The devices are available in two versions: for installation in a B-head or for DIN-rail mounting.

The versions with Ex and SIL approval (IEC 61508:2010) for SIL 2/3 (hardware/software) enable secure use in demanding process applications. The configurable transmitters transmit converted signals from RTD temperature probes and thermocouples (TC), as well as from resistor and voltage sensors, to the galvanically isolated 4 to 20 mA current output.

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