Gateways AC Interfaces Intesis - HMS

Intesis AC Interface gateways allows a complete and natural integration to monitor and control, fully bi-directionally, AC units from the most popular manufacturers.
AC Interfaces gateways
Enjoy the benefit of working with one of the pioneering companies in the field of Air Conditioning integration that offer highly reliable solutions developed jointly with the most relevant AC manufacturers.

Gateways cloud solutions Intesis - HMS

Intesis ST Cloud Solution.

Cloud-based control of building installations which enables easy monitoring and control of any BACnet or Modbus device from mobile phone apps and computer web interfaces.

Gateways for HAVC interface Intesis® 700 AIR series – HMS

The 700 Series Air is our common platform for HVAC integration.
This concept enables multiple connectivity options that are available from the same gateway platform.

700 Series Air gateway solutions.
Having different HVAC brands and protocols available on the same hardware enables multiple possibilities for integration. Each combination is defined as an application.

With the configuration tool MAPS, users can define the AC brand and protocol integration according to the project's needs.


Gateways protocol translators Intesis - HMS

The protocol translator gateways has been specially designed to allow bidirectional control and monitoring of all parameters and functionalities of your building automation projects.

Gateways protocol translators Intesis® 700 series – HMS

HMS Networks present Intesis® 700 series for protocol translation, a new concept that breaks the old reliance between hardware and software.
This concept enables interfaces for multiple Building Automation protocols in the same hardware so, the user can pair the combination using Intesis MAPS. The process is called late configuration.
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