19 February 2021

Robot RV-8CRL from Mitsubishi Electric

F.Fonseca presents Robot RV-8CRL from Mitsubishi Electric
In order to complement its range, Mitsubishi has been working in recent years on the development of Compact robots.

With this new family it’s possible to offer a more compact solution in their size, but also more economical than the standard series. Creating their derivation from the CR series, last year 2 new models were launched in the

Scara version (RH) and this year, with the launch of the RV-8CRL model, the RV version is included, maintaining all the quality standards we know.

The RV-8CRL presents us with a smooth, minimalist and very compact design, becoming a suitable solution for integration into robotic cells.

With an 8kg maximum load capacity, the integration of a much lighter arm structure, as well as the use of the latest HK-type servo motors, which are extremely compact and simple, it was possible to reduce the total weight of the robot considerably.

This equipment has a high protection factor, IP65, it is possible to be installed in environments where a high degree of dust and liquid spray is present.
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