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Industrial Automation

Robot RV-8CRL - Mitsubishi Electric

In order to complement its range, Mitsubishi has been working in recent years on the development of Compact robots.
With this new family it’s possible to offer a more compact solution in their size, but also more economical than the standard series. Creating their derivation from the CR series, last year 2 new models were launched in the Scara version (RH) and this year, with the launch of the RV-8CRL model, the RV version is included, maintaining all the quality standards we know.
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The RV-8CRL presents us with a smooth, minimalist and very compact design, becoming a suitable solution for integration into robotic cells.
With an 8kg maximum load capacity, the integration of a much lighter arm structure, as well as the use of the latest HK-type servo motors, which are extremely compact and simple, it was possible to reduce the total weight of the robot considerably.

This equipment has a high protection factor, IP65, it is possible to be installed in environments where a high degree of dust and liquid spray is present.
Protection level IP65
Type of installation Floor or wall installation *1
Number of axes 6
Load capacity 8 Kg *2
Maximum reach radius 931 mm
Repeatability ± 0.02 mm/sec
Arm weight 41 Kg
Controller CR800-D

* 1 wall installation creates limitations at the level of J1 / * 2 load limit under floor conditions, including the weight of the gripper
  • Increase your productivity: decreasing cycle times and increasing the accuracy of your applications;
  • Flexible working area: 931 mm range with spherical working area - also behind the robot;
  • Its protection for harsh environments: IP65 as standard;
  • Hygiene: internal cable routing for all pneumatic cables and lines;
  • Connectors: electric and pneumatic clamps, Ethernet, USB, camera interface, 2 encoder inputs and up to 8 additional external axes as standard, optional I/O and expansion boards for field buses. Direct connection via Ethernet to the HMI GOT and the robot console;
  • Robot console: the fully graphic and complete R56TB with touchscreen or the R32TB.
  • Any industry.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Mitsubishi Electric in Portugal.
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