Compact multichannel transmitter/controller - dTRANS pH 02 - Jumo

The Jumo dTRANS pH 02 is a compact, modular instrument, that has the flexibility (with 3 slots, optional boards, etc.,) to accomplish a wide range of tasks. 
The main input of the Jumo dTRANS pH 02 is designed for sensors to measure the pH value or the redox voltage - both conventional glass sensors and ISFET sensors can be connected - or the concentration of ammonia. PT100 or PT1000 resistance thermometers, NTC/ PTC or 0(4) to 20 mA and 0 to 10 V standard signals can be connected to the second analog input (compensating input). The two binary inputs can be used both as the initiators for actions (such as HOLD, keyboard inhibit), and for flow rate measurement, when pulse generators (such as impeller sensors) are connected. The high-contrast, graphic display allows the input signals to be visualized by numbers or as a bar graph. Parameters are displayed in plain text for easily comprehensible and secure operation.

Multichannel measuring device for liquid analysis - Aquis Touch S – Jumo

The Jumo AQUIS touch S and P multichannel devices provide a central platform for displaying and further processing a wide variety of measurands in the field of liquid analysis. The devices have a modular design, feature numerous interfaces, and can therefore be adapted entirely according to the individual requirements of each operation. In addition to recording measured values, up to four independent control loops can be implemented. Important process values can also be saved in a tamper-proof manner using an integrated paperless recorder.

Thanks to user-configurable screen masks and a clearly arranged menu navigation, Jumo AQUIS touch S and P are incredibly easy to operate via their touchscreens, despite the wide range of functions.
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