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Combustion gas analysers Testo 330i

Proven technology meets revolutionary operation

The Combustion gas analysers Testo 330i flue gas analyzer advanced set will enable you to overcome all the challenges that crop up when commissioning and servicing heating systems. The Combustion gas analysers Testo 330i advanced set contains the flue gas analyzer, a flue gas probe and a temperature probe, along with practical accessories.
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The Combustion gas analysers Testo 330i flue gas analyzer is an advancement of the Testo 330 LL flue gas analyzer. Its proven measuring technology is once again at the heart of the Testo 330i. This means that you can rely on highly accurate results when measuring flue gas, draught and O2 supply air. The Testo 330i also has the following impressive features:
  • User-replaceable long-life sensors with a service life of up to 6 years;
  • Successful TÜV inspection according to the 1st German Federal Immission Control Ordinance (BImSchV) and EN 50379, Parts 1-3;
  • Integrated draught and gas zeroing. This means that the probe does not have to be removed from the flue gas duct for the zeroing;
  • Fresh air dilution up to 30,000 ppm upon exceeding a CO threshold value.

The new TestoFix probe holder is available as an accessory, so the flue gas probe is guaranteed not to lose the centre of flow once it has been found. This can be attached to the pipe quickly and easily. It holds the probe in the centre of flow and also serves as a fall-proof suspension system for the Testo 330i flue gas analyzer. Incidentally, the hose between probe and measuring instrument is lighter and more flexible than before.

The future of flue gas measuring technology
The Testo 330i no longer has a display. How do you make the correct adjustments to the flue gas analyzer? Where can you view the readings? What about the creation of measurement protocols? Via the Testo 330i App on your smartphone. The readings are transferred from the Testo 330i flue gas analyzer to the App via Bluetooth. So you always have the relevant values to hand whenever you need them. This is particularly useful when faced with larger systems or awkward measuring points as there is no need to look around corners, which can be annoying. The measurement parameters can also be set intuitively, via the App. Once you have completed the measurement, you can add comments or photos of the system to the results on site, and send them to your customer or the office via e-mail.

Requirement: iOS 7.1 / Android 4.3 or newer. Mobile end device with Bluetooth 4.0.

  • On-site digital creation of reports with the testo 330i App;
  • Operation independent of measuring location – readings are always available when you need them;
  • testoFix probe holder (optional) – holds the probe in the centre of flow at all times;
  • Particularly robust, completely enclosed plastic housing.

Any industry that uses combustion heating systems.

F.Fonseca is distributor of Testo in Portugal.
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