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Particle and flow analyzer Combiprobe CP100 - SICK

Combined measurement of dust, volume flow, pressure, and temperature.
The Combiprobe CP100 is the combination of a DUSTHUNTER SP100 scattered light dust measuring device and a FLOWSIC100 PR volume flow measuring device on a flange plate. The combined probe also features a pressure transmitter and a resistance thermometer. The Combiprobe CP100 only requires a single mounting opening in the funnel in order to measure the dust concentration, volume flow, pressure and temperature. This means that there is considerably less outlay on installation than if the individual components were to be installed separately.
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  • Easy to install complete solution for detecting dust emission and the emission-related benchmarks of volume flow, pressure and temperature;
  • Low operating costs due to the measuring devices long maintenance intervals;
  • Durable and reliable componentes;
  • Scattered light dust measuring device and volume flow measuring device that have been performance-tested according to EN 15267.
  • No need for mechanical adjustment;
  • Self-testing with the automatic control cycle;
  • Simple configuration and operation with easy-to-use software;
  • For gas temperatures up to 200 °C;
  • For funnels with an internal diameter of 0.7 m and above.
  • Emission measurement during waste incineration;
  • Emission measurement within the cement and steel industry;
  • Emission monitoring in power stations;
  • Monitoring of heat treatment and extraction systems;
  • Process measurement in processing plants within the pharmaceutical, food and animal feed industries;
  • Process monitoring within the chemical industry.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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