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Cable drag chains MP 45.2/MP 52.4/MP 52.5/MP 62.4 – Murrplastik

The new generation of cable drag chain system from Murrplastik offers an all-around solution for several areas of application: cable drag chains, guide channels, cables, strain relief plates and assembly. Murrplastik drag chains have been able to proof their quality and durability under the most extreme continuous loads and environmental conditions.
As a manufacturer of cable drag chains for over 30 years, Murrplastik has numerous patents for innovative products and great product diversity off-the-shelf.
The Murrplastik has been setting industry standards in cable drag chains for years especially with regards to ease of assembly and maintenance. The comprehensive portfolio of Murrplastik cable drag chains offers a range of inner widths from 6 to 546 mm. Murrplastik cable drag chains are used all over the world and meet the highest demands on durability and robustness.
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The frame bridges can be fitted and removed quickly and with very little effort. Position the screwdriver between side link and frame bridge and slightly turn it to open the click lock. Retrofitting a cable in the cable drag chain is also a quick and simple task. Assembly is even simpler. Position the frame bridge in the side links and lock the click lock by hand.

Special strain relief frame bridges are used on the chain bracket. The strain relief is effected by cable ties. The cable can be fixed on the strain relief plate on two sides. This integrated strain relief system is very quick to assemble and is extremely economical on space.

Cable drag chains
Drag Chain
MP 45.2 45 mm 50 – 175 mm 75 – 300 mm
MP 52.4 (open)
52 mm
45 – 546 mm (plastic)
80 – 600 mm (aluminium)
125 – 300 mm
MP 52.5 (closed) 48 mm 96 – 346 mm (plastic)
80 – 600 mm (aluminium)
150 – 300 mm
MP 62.4 62 mm 45 – 546 mm 135 – 300 mm
To support the design and configuration of cable drag chains for any number of applications and layout variants, Murrplastik provides an online configurator.
With a user friendly interface, the final result is easy to achieve in format of a detailed list of materials and with the 3D-CAD models immediately available for download.
  • Inner height: 10mm a 104mm;
  • Open (MP45.2, MP52.4, MP62.4) or closed (MP52.5);
  • Plastic or aluminium;
  • Self-supporting or gliding;
  • Vertical or horizontal application;
  • Low noise emission.
  • Quality and durability;
  • Easily configure any Murrplastik cable drag chain online in just minutes;
  • Easy selection of accessories and materials;
  • Easy assembly without tools;
  • Excellent mechanical stability;
  • All 3D-CAD models available.
  • All industries.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Murrplastik in Portugal.
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