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Length-compensating energy supply for industrial robots.

Murrplastik Systemtechnik GmbH are the specialists for cable protection conduit systems, cable entry systems, labelling systems and cable drag chain systems. 
Right from the beginning priority was given to a systematic approach. That is still the case today. These systematic approaches have formed the basis for continuous expansion: 
Since 2006, we have expanded our range of services to include products and services for automation and robotic equipment systems.

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Achieve freedom of movement through fastening elements: there's nothing else like it for robotics and automation! Well considered components provide the robots with the freedom of movement they need for high working speeds and precise repeat accuracy during long service lives. 
Universally applicable fastening elements for all standard robots can be combined into individual designs that provide a basis for the hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic components on the dress pack.

Murrplastik’s specially developed cable protection conduits for complex robot applications can stand up to extreme stress and movement. Specially modified materials and special conduit geometry ensure optimal protection and long lives.
With the R-Tec Box Murrplastik has succeeded in creating a new system for optimal management of energy packets from axis 3 to axis 6 on industrial robots. In the specially designed box with the integrated an unique spring-return system, the energy packet is safely and effectively leaded at very small space.

  • Easy installation;
  • A wide range of adjustment- and application possibilities;
  • High reliability and durability;
  • A low-wear guidance of energy package during complex movements;
  • Fast maintenance and easy replacement of the energy package through snap locks;
  • Fast and easy spring changes;
  • Brass sleeves in the mounting holes;
  • Specially modified polypropylene.


All industries, in particular:
  • Factory automation;
  • Machine automation;
  • Robot equipment.

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F.Fonseca is the representative of Murrplastik in Portugal.
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