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3D Machine vision Visionary-B Two - SICK

Rugged and smart – 3D snapshot solution for harsh outdoor conditions – Visionary-B Two!
The SICK smart Visionary-B Two 3D camera solves assistance and automation tasks. It is especially rugged and therefore suitable for harsh environments, for example for use on mobile machines or in outdoor areas of industrial plants. Using the principle of stereoscopy, the Visionary-B Two calculates distances, e.g., to objects. The camera provides 3D and color data at up to 30 images per second.

This device allows you to switch between two field of view sizes: 130° x 105° or 90° x 60° – with no change in resolution. Visionary-B Two, from SICK, offers spare computing capacities for installation, programming and running application-specific software. The GigE Vision interface standard allows flexible and easy integration of the sensor in machines.
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  • Resolution of the depth and color map: 1.024 px x 576 px; up to 30 images per second;
  • Switchable field of view sizes: 130° x 105°, 90° x 60°;
  • GigE Vision;
  • Meets EMC requirements for mobile machines;
  • Temperature range: -40 °C to +60 °C;
  • Enclosure ratings: IP67, IP69K;
  • Shock and vibration resistant;
  • Computing capacities for depth map calculation and software programs.

  • Ideal for use even in demanding outdoor conditions;
  • Precise and detailed 3D environment perception;
  • Optimized measurement characteristics through adaptable field of view;
  • The standardized interface simplifies the integration of streaming data in automation processes;
  • Meets industry standards for mobile machines;
  • Especially reliable thanks to the rugged, vibration and shock resistant sensor design;
  • Versatile in use: various software solutions can be installed and programmed directly on the sensor;
  • Cost-effective due to spare computing capacities in the device, e.g., for running application-specific software.

  • Logistics;
  • Outdoor mobile machines.

F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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