Smart cameras

3D Machine vision Visionary-B Two - SICK

Rugged and smart – 3D snapshot solution for harsh outdoor conditions – Visionary-B Two!
The SICK smart Visionary-B Two 3D camera solves assistance and automation tasks. It is especially rugged and therefore suitable for harsh environments, for example for use on mobile machines or in outdoor areas of industrial plants. Using the principle of stereoscopy, the Visionary-B Two calculates distances, e.g., to objects. The camera provides 3D and color data at up to 30 images per second.

This device allows you to switch between two field of view sizes: 130° x 105° or 90° x 60° – with no change in resolution. Visionary-B Two, from SICK, offers spare computing capacities for installation, programming and running application-specific software. The GigE Vision interface standard allows flexible and easy integration of the sensor in machines.

3D Smart Camera IVC-3D - SICK

SICK'S line of IVC smart cameras are self-contained, stand-alone vision systems with an easy-to-use graphical user interface, enabling fast development for 2D and 3D applications. They combine imaging and analysis into one camera.

These flexible, high-performance cameras provide tools for inspection, robot guidance, measuring and identification. With only one camera, you can perform any combination of advanced inspections and measurements to optimize production quality. The cameras support customized operator interfaces, and communication via I/O, serial and Ethernet. 

Programmable 3D camera TriSpectorP1000 - SICK

Tailor-made 3D solutions for flexible automation.

The TriSpectorP1000, from SICK, is a programmable 3D camera ready for Industry 4.0. Part of the SICK AppSpace eco-system, the 3D camera and the software tools that are included open up possibilities for tailor-made solutions – with easy commissioning and operation in areas such as quality control, robot handling, and profile verification. The TriSpectorP1000 operates stand-alone and contains imaging, lighting, and analysis in a single rugged housing. Laser triangulation technology provides color-independent, contrast-independent, and true object shape data in millimeters. The TriSpectorP1000 is the perfect choice for fully flexible, cost-efficient, in-line industry automation solutions.
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