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Compact controller miroTRON - JUMO

The JUMO miroTRON is a digital electronic thermostat for simple temperature control with optional PID two-point controller function and measurement input for RTD temperature probes. In the 60 mm and 80 mm round installation format, the JUMO miroTRON offers an alternative solution for mechanical dial thermometers or contact dial thermometers.
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  • Two-state controller with autotuning (option);
  • Integrated timer function;
  • Service and operating hours counter;
  • Fast wiring through pluggable terminal strips with PUSH IN technology;
  • High-quality display and intuitive operation;
  • Configuration on the device or with the setup program (accessories) via USB interface (USB-powered;
  • Operator guidance with text support in 4 languages;
  • Limit value monitoring function.
  • Intuitive startup and operation;
  • High degree of control quality due to optional PID autotuning;
  • Integrated timer function;
  • Service and operating hours counter;
  • Cost-effective solution for simple control applications.

  • Ceramics;
  • Drying chambers;
  • Machine and machine engineering;
  • Ovens;
  • Packaging and thermoforming;
  • Temperature control and drying processes.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Jumo in Portugal.
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