Compact controler LC100 - Jumo

The Jumo LC100 controller is available in 48x48mm format. It is used for two-state and three-state control applications as well as for control of control valves or SCR power controllers through a continuous output of the controller.
The universal analog input of the LC100 for RTD temperature probes, thermocouples, or current/voltage signals is user programmable. The set point value, the actual value and all parameters are displayed on two seven-segment LED displays (red/green) with one or two decimal place(s). The values can be displayed in °C or °F. Depending on the format, up to five relay outputs with a switching capacity of 3 A / 230 V or up to four logic outputs 0/14 V are available.

Compact controller diraTRON - Jumo

The diraTRON is the newest compact universal controller family from Jumo. With 5 DIN formats, controls temperature, pressure and other process variables.
The diraTRON are characterized by a simple, clearly structured operation, supported with texts. Process values are represented by two 18-segment LCD displays. The types 702112, 702113 and 702114 are additionally equipped with a pixel matrix LCD display for displaying text. In addition, all devices have individual display elements for the switch positions of the outputs as well as for manual mode, ramp function and timer. The devices are operated using a membrane keyboard with four buttons and can be used under harsh environmental influences thanks to the high IP65 protection type.

Compact controller miroTRON - JUMO

The JUMO miroTRON is a digital electronic thermostat for simple temperature control with optional PID two-point controller function and measurement input for RTD temperature probes. In the 60 mm and 80 mm round installation format, the JUMO miroTRON offers an alternative solution for mechanical dial thermometers or contact dial thermometers.

Differential flow computer ZFC - Kobold

Highly accurate measurement with temperature compensation.
The flow computer model ZFC has been developed to calculate corrected differential liquid volume at normal conditions for generic products. A typical application is the measurement of fuel consumption by engines for power generators. The usual difficulties encountered in such applications include: pulsating flows, very low consumption readings, vibration and high ambient temperatures.

Modular process controller N20K48 – Novus

Novus N20K48 is the modular process controller with reduced dimensions that comes to revolutionize the microcontroller market!
The N20K48 controller family is based on a compact and powerful central controller, to which we can add a series of micro modules that enables it to respond to a wide range of industry requirements.


Multichannel process controller / Program controller IMAGO 500 - Jumo

The Jumo IMAGO 500 is a process controller and programmer with up to 8 control channels or 4 programming channels.
The IMAGO 500 is built for the 144x130mm format for a standard panel cut of 92x92mm and a mounting depth of 170mm.
The 5-inch touch-screen display has 27 colors. The layout of the display models can be adjusted individually. Two freely configurable display models allow to be customized for text placement, process values, background images and icons.

The controller has up to 8 analog inputs and 6 logic inputs as well as 6 expansion slots for analogue or switched outputs. Four of these slots can be used alternately for analog inputs or outputs.

Process Controler / Programer DICON touch - Jumo

Jumo's DICON touch is a two-channel universal processor and program controller that displays information on a vibrant screen. The device is easy to operate thanks to the touch screen display.
Both DICON touch control channels use the Jumo control algorithm with two possible optimization options. These allow simple and highly accurate initialization. Allows multiple zone control, cascade control or other complex control tasks.

Four analog universal inputs and up to eight external inputs can record a variety of measured physical values ​​with high accuracy. Actuators can be controlled directly on the device with an analog or digital configuration. These can be expanded through external digital outputs. Interfaces such as Modbus (master/ slave), PROFIBUS, PROFINET-RT or Ethernet with web server can be used for communication with higher order systems.


Process controller IMAGO F3000 - Jumo

IMAGO F3000 is a process controller specially developed for the control and regulation of the maturation, cooking, smoking and air conditioning process in the meat processing industry.

The IMAGO F300 are built to a modular design and are suitable for the control and regulation of cooking, smoking and climate-control installations, and all associated equipment such as smoke generators, catalyzers etc. They are available in both upright (portrait) and horizontal (landscape) formats.

Temperature controller N1030 – Novus

N1030 is the most compact temperature controller in the market.
Easy to install and configure, the N1030 fits perfectly into the most distinct panels, including small ones. It can be configured to accept thermocouples type J, K and T, and also Pt100.

variTRON 300 panel controller - Jumo

The variTRON 300 is the compact central processing unit for automating process systems.
The basis for the development of this central processing unit was the new platform with a 792 MHz (single core) processor.
Given the scalability of hardware and software, we have available a modular, flexible and, above all, sustainable hardware platform, combined with a modern software architecture.
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