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Cylindrical photocells GR18 - Sick

The GR18 product family: reliable and extremely versatile.
The GR18 photoelectric sensor family in a cylindrical M18-housing offers an optimal price/performance ratio. It can be used universally in many applications thanks to its standard M18 housing size. PinPoint LED s, plastic and metal housing versions as well as status indicators that are easily visible from all angles complete the sensor’s features.

One product family for all applications GR18 cylindrical photoelectric sensors in the cylindrical M18 housing are outstanding in both the short length version (GR18S) and the standard length version (GR18), and offer an optimal price-performance ratio.
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These sensors can be used universally in many applications:
  • Photoelectric proximity sensors;
  • Photoelectric retro-reflective sensors;
  • Through-beam photoelectric sensors;
  • Photoelectric retro-reflective sensors for transparent objects.
  • Standard length M18 low-cost cylindricalsensor;
  • Two different housing styles;
  • Variety of plastic and metal housing styles, with straight optics;
  • Bright and highly visible PinPoint-LED;
  • Highly visible signal indicator LED;
  • IP 67 rating.
  • Flexible mounting options due to versatile housing styles;
  • Easy installation and precise detection due to PinPoint LED;
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to easy M18 hole mounting option so no special bracket is needed;
  • Rugged and reliable with proven SICK technology;
  • Highly visible signal indicator LED saves maintenance and commissioning time.
  • Presence detection and positioning in the following applications: storage and conveyor systems material flow technology the packaging industry door and gate applications;
  • Especially suitable for applications with limited space. No special mounting bracket is required for installation;
  • Ideal for general sensing applications.
Ref. A01106149
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