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Distance liner measurement sensors OLV – Sick

The new dimension in non-contact length and speed measurement.
The OLV sensor product family is designed for non-contact speed monitoring and control in production processes.
They are especially useful for length measurement as well as cutting and shearing control for endless products.

Tactile measuring wheels, measuring rollers or tachometers often cause measuring errors and damage to measured objects due to slippage, vibration, contamination and wear. The compact OLV range of linear measurement sensors from Sick offers an accurate, user-friendly and durable solution for such systems. Your decisive advantage: they provide a non-contact material-independent measurement. These non-contact, material-independent sensors, which are based on the laser-Doppler principle, deliver a typical measurement accuracy of ± 0.05%. The OLV sensors are lightweight, maintenance-free, permanently calibrated and measure practically any surface or colour without parameter reconfiguration.
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  • Non-contact, material-independent length and speed measurement;
  • Permanently calibrated, maintenance-free measuring system;
  • Measurement accuracy of up to ± 0.05% (depends on total measuring length);
  • Sensing range: 120 mm (optional 240 mm);
  • Compact dimensions: 167 mm x 94 mm x 39 mm (l x w x h);
  • Rugged aluminium housing;
  • Weight: approx. 1 kg;
  • Quick configuration and plug and play commissioning.

  • Non-contact measurement ensures high level of repeatability;
  • Process and quality optimization thanks to precise speed and material detection;
  • Significant reduction in material costs due to non-slip cutting control;
  • High degree of flexibility thanks to material-independent measurement;
  • Cost-effective solutions with an attractive price-performance ratio;
  • User-friendly process integration using configurable multifunctional interface;
  • Easy replacement of existing mechanical systems;
  • The maintenance-free, non-contact measuring system significantly reduces maintenance costs.

  • Tire and rubber industry;
  • Steel industry;
  • Printing and paper industry.

Ref. A01106005
F.Fonseca is the representative of Sick in Portugal.
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