Distance measurement sensors

Displacement measurement sensors OD7000 - SICK

The OD7000 from SICK is a chromatic confocal distance sensor. It measures distances to objects very precisely and cost effectively – regardless of their surfaces and materials. With resolution down to 25 nm, the high-performance sensor reliably detects whether surfaces are smooth, or whether objects are positioned precisely or have the desired material thickness.
Since the sensor head and control unit are separate from one another, the compact OD7000 is easy to install even in tight measurement locations. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, the device can be quickly configured. Its Ethernet and RS-422 interfaces make system integration easy. The OD7000 from SICK is available in six measuring ranges and two controller types, one with triggering via an encoder signal, and one without.

Distance liner measurement sensors OLV – Sick

The new dimension in non-contact length and speed measurement.
The OLV sensor product family is designed for non-contact speed monitoring and control in production processes.
They are especially useful for length measurement as well as cutting and shearing control for endless products.

Tactile measuring wheels, measuring rollers or tachometers often cause measuring errors and damage to measured objects due to slippage, vibration, contamination and wear. The compact OLV range of linear measurement sensors from Sick offers an accurate, user-friendly and durable solution for such systems. Your decisive advantage: they provide a non-contact material-independent measurement. These non-contact, material-independent sensors, which are based on the laser-Doppler principle, deliver a typical measurement accuracy of ± 0.05%. The OLV sensors are lightweight, maintenance-free, permanently calibrated and measure practically any surface or colour without parameter reconfiguration.

Distance measurement sensor OD5000 - SICK

The expert for high performance measurement.

The OD5000 displacement measurement sensor specializes in high-precision measuring tasks, offering solutions in a wide range of applications. With a measuring frequency of up to 80 kHz, the OD5000 also measures quick and rotating measuring objects with µm-precision. The innovative analysis algorithm allows stable measurements with the highest level of repeatability on a wide range of surfaces. What's more, the OD5000 measures the thickness of transparent material with minimal effort with just a sensor head. The Ethernet interface integrated directly in the sensor head ensures quick communication and therefore maximum productivity.

Distance measurement sensors OD1000 - SICK

The solution for precise measurement over long distances
Perfect quality can only be guaranteed when each and every measurement and process step is controlled. Thanks to its wide range of optical sensors, SICK’s intelligent measurement technology can offer highly accurate solutions for measuring even the smallest objects. SICK is setting new standards in measurement accuracy through the use of numerous technologies, such as 1D and 2D laser triangulation and chromatic confocal processes. This plays an important role in a whole host of different industries – particularly those with a strong emphasis on the measuring, regulation, positioning or monitoring of products and processes. Moreover, SICK’s measurement technology supports quality assurance processes and delivers cost saving benefits.

Distance measurement sensors OD2000 - SICK

Efficient all-rounder for precise distance measurements.
SICK compact OD2000 displacement measurement sensor is a very economical stand-alone solution for accurate distance measurement.

The universally applicable sensor is suitable for a wide variety of applications with distances of up to 1,200 mm. Using high-precision triangulation, it detects even the smallest differences in height in the micrometer range. Due to top values in terms of linearity and repeatability as well as a measuring frequency of up to 7.5 kHz, the OD2000 delivers reliable distance data on virtually any surface.

Distance sensor UC40 - SICK

The UC40 from SICK is a compact ultrasonic sensor for medium distances that precisely detects the distance, presence or position of objects, regardless of material color and ambient light. That means it is also suitable for level monitoring and collision avoidance.
Thanks to the convenient push-lock mounting concept and integrated analog and digital interfaces with IO-Link, the UC40 from SICK can be installed quickly and used anywhere. A rotatable sensor head facilitates alignment while IO-Link and teach-in buttons accelerate parameterization. The sonic cone can be adjusted variably to the requirements on site. Interference signals can be easily suppressed. This increases performance and ensures reliable object detection.

Distance Sensors DL100 Hi - SICK

The SICK´s DL100 Hi family combines leading edge technology with innovative design. The product’s phase-shift measurement technology ensures the highest performance, which, in co-operation with drives manufacturers, has been optimized for perfect integration into closed control loops.
Our innovative 3-axis bracket, the smallest housing in its sensor class, as well as the intelligent quick lock system with fast connectors, offers optimized handling and reduced costs of ownership.


Long range distance measurement sensors Dx1000 - Sick

Great performance at great distance!
When it comes to taking reliable measurements of extremely long distances, both indoors and out, the Dx1000 long range distance sensor is particularly impressive thanks to its exceptional performance.

Equipped with modern HDDM+ technology, the Dx1000 ensures stable measurement results in a rugged housing even in inclement weather. Designed by Sick, this measuring technology is the ideal choice for adverse ambient conditions and offers a flexible range of applications at high speeds. The intuitive nature of the Dx1000 makes it easy to use while also ensuring quick and trouble-free commissioning.

Mid range distance sensors - SICK

SICK’s many years of experience and the constant advances in distance sensor technology are reflected in the innovative HDDM (high definition distance measurement) products. The unique statistical pulse time-of-flight method forms the technical basis for maximum reliability and high precision with an outstanding price/performance ratio. Using this time-of-flight method, the products of the Dx50 family are able to measure distances up to 50 m with millimeter precision.

The perfect combination of range, reliability, precision and price.

Mid-range distance sensors Dx80 - SICK

The SICK Dx80 distance sensor combines a large measuring range with remarkable accuracy. Our specialist team has achieved this by selecting advanced materials and sophisticated measurement principles.
The DT80 distance sensor offers a measurement accuracy of +/-2 mm at a maximum scanning range of 80 m. Whether you design production lines, develop professional systems or are an expert in mobile machinery, our DT80 distance sensor serves as a precision tool. Thanks to the extremely compact design, it can be used in the tightest of spaces. Even harsh ambient conditions cannot harm this sensor.

Optical sensor for distance measurement OC Sharp - SICK

Chromatic confocal measuring technology offers maximum precision.
The OC Sharp is a highly precise optical distance sensor based on chromatic confocal measuring technology. 
This measuring technology allows precise measurements nearest to nanometer on a wide range of materials, from pitch black to transparent materials. It is also possible to measure the thickness of materials and films. The measuring technology features a passive sensor head without electronic components. This ensures measurements are not affected by interference (e.g., EMC).

Safety distance sensors DT35-S - SICK

With the DT35-S, SICK is offering a safety distance sensor for the protection of persons and capital goods up to performance level b.
Thanks to its large measuring range, the DT35-S from SICK can be used for safe presence monitoring in intralogistics and for precise, safe lifting height detection on industrial vehicles. With its compact housing and features such as analog and digital output, the DT35-S from SICK works reliably even in small spaces and increases your productivity. Safe measurement data output via IO-Link enables efficient processes, from commissioning to diagnostics and maintenance. In combination with the Flexi Soft safety controller and other safety sensors, applications up to performance level d can be achieved.

Short range distance sensors - SICK

SICK short range distance sensors (displacement) measure smallest deviations, cavities, planarity or position a robot precisely. They are used to guarantee maximum efficiency and effectiveness in each process step in industries where quality is critical to business success.

Improved product quality with highly accurate measurement down to sub-micron resolution.
Short range distance sensors are laser sensors, which provide accurate distance measurements for applications that require a high degree of precision. They have a measurement range of up to 1,000 mm. Due to their accuracy, they are especially suited for controlling, sorting and inspection tasks used in quality control processes. Common applications include measuring dimension, position and shape and machining tolerances. Using SICK short range distance sensors can improve the quality of your end product while reducing material and downtime costs. 
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