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DVH – Vortex Flowmeter

Our fully welded "all in one design" DVH flowmeter measures volumetric flows of fluids. Integrated temperature and pressure sensors allow to measure temperature, density, pressure and mass flow. Furthermore, the evaluation of steam thermal energy, hot or chilled water application can be implemented.
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Because this multivariable flowmeter measures all physical parameters at one single location, DVH vortex flowmeters provide very reliable and precise measurements. The device comes along with various communication standards and its field configurable electronics provide up to three analogue outputs, various alarm settings and in total up to five separate measuring values.

  • Max. 400 °C process temperature;
  • Max. 100 bar process pressure;
  • Rates up to 970 m3/h (liquids), ~9,000 Nm3/h (air) and ~5,800 kg/h (steam);
  • Process connection up to DN 200 / 8”;
  • HART® Protocol, Modbus;
  • ATEX and IECEx approved.

  • Cost effective volumetric flow monitoring solution for most liquids;
  • Incorporated temperature sensing to provide a compensated mass flow reading of saturated steam;
  • Mass flow, temperature, pressure and density readings;
  • Easy to install and commission;
  • Field-configurable ranges, outputs and displays;
  • Energy consumption (monitoring).

All industries that need to monitor steam, air, hot and cold water flow.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Kobold in Portugal.
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