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Electromagnetic flowmeter MIS - Kobold

The new flowmeter MIS from Kobold was developed for measuring and monitoring medium-sized flow of conductive liquids in pipes.
The device operates according to the electromagnetic measurement principle. According to Faraday’s Law of magnetic induction, a voltage is induced in a conductor moving through a magnetic field. The electrically conductive measuring agent acts as the moved conductor. The voltage induced in the measuring agent is proportional to the flow velocity and is therefore a value for the volumetric flow. The flowing media must have a minimum conductivity. The induced voltage is picked up by two sensing electrodes, which are in contact with the measuring agent.
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The flow rate will be calculated based on the cross sectional area of the pipe.
Two given outputs can be set to be switch, analogue or frequency. Also a dosing function can be selected, where output 1 is set as switch NPN/PNP/PP and output 2 is set as control input.
  • IO-Link communication;
  • Monitoring, dosing and transmitter function;
  • Dosing function with external control output;
  • Coloured, multi-parameter configurable TFT-display, rotatable in 90º steps;
  • Bidirectional measuring;
  • Intuitive setup menu via 4 optical touch keys;
  • 2 configurable outputs (pulse-/frequency-/alarm- and analogue output);
  • Grand and resettable totalizer;
  • Usable even with hand gloves.
  • The measurement is not depending on the process liquid and its material properties such as density, viscosity and temperature. 
  • Filtration systems;
  • Industrial applications;
  • Waste water treatment;
  • Water distribution network (leakage detection management);
  • Water tapping;
  • Water treatment;
  • Watering.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Kobold in Portugal.
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