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Fixed gas analyser SIDOR - SICK

The SIDOR is a fixed gas analyzer for measurement of up to two infrared components. Additionally oxygen can be measured by integration of an electrochemical or paramagnetic measuring cell. A significant characteristic is a half-yearly maintenance interval with test gases.

The stability of the measuring cells allows an adjustment with only inert gas or ambient air within this half-year period. Sample gas pressure compensation is included as a standard.

The SIDOR was type approved for large combustion plants and crematories. With the type examination according to ATEX the gas analyzer SIDOR satisfies all actual regulations and directives. It is the ideal device for security relevant measurements of methane, carbon dioxide and oxygen.
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  • Detector with high long-term stability;
  • Paramagnetic or electrochemical O2-measurement;
  • Automatic adjustment with component-free ambient air;
  • Insensitive to contaminations.

  • Automatic adjustment, self-monitoring and fault diagnosis;
  • Test gas adjustment only every 6 months;
  • Long maintenance intervals;
  • TUEV type examination and ATEX type approval for measurement of CH4, CO2 and O2;
  • Repairable on site;
  • Exchange of components without complicated temperature adjustment in the factor.

  • A lot of applications and their technical requirements can be fullfilled: from pure emission monitoring according to Federal German Pollution Control Act (13th and 27th Implementing Ordinance), over applications in the biogas sector up to process gas measurements.

Ref. A11037056
F.Fonseca is the representative of SICK in Portugal.
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