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Photoelectric safety switch cylindrical L21 - Sick

Single-beam photoelectric safety switches from Sick offer maximum safety performance. They comprise self-testing senders and receivers or testable senders and receivers combined with an evaluation unit. They have long ranges and come in a variety of types and sizes. They comply with Type 2 and/or Type 4 in according with EN 61496, and PL c and/ or PL e in according with EN ISO 13849. Applications include robots, processing machinery, machining centers, palletizers, high-bay warehouses and transfer lines.

The L21 single-beam photoelectric safety switch consists of a sender and receiver. The test input of the sender allows direct functional tests.
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Performance level PL c in acc. with EN ISO 13849 or Type 2 in acc. with IEC 61496 can be achieved in conjunction with a safety controller. Suitable safety controllers are, for example, Flexi Classic or Flexi Soft. Color LEDs provide local information about the operational status. The required range can be selected from various device versions. All versions are suitable for outdoor applications and enable even complex safeguarding tasks to be accomplished by using deflector mirrors.
  • Type 2 (IEC 61496), SIL1 (IEC 61508), PL c (EN ISO 13849), only in conjunction with suitable testing device, e.g., Flexi Classic or Flexi Soft;
  • Small M18 sensors with ranges up to 10 m;
  • Compact M30 sensors with ranges up to 60 m;
  • Enclosure rating IP67;
  • Metal and plastic version;
  • Temperature range –40 °C ... +55 °C;
  • Radial optics (90° deflector mirror).
  • Easy integration due to small, compact versions with maximum range;
  • Directly connect to a safety controller – reducing costs;
  • Flexible device integration makes it possible to set up individual access protections;
  • Well suited to withstand extreme ambient conditions such as heat, cold or moisture.

  • Logistics;
  • Machine tool.

F.Fonseca is the representative of Sick in Portugal.
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